Tips for Designing a Creative, Inspiring Office Space

by Business Fuel | 09 November 2020

Here’s the thing. When it comes to making the first impressions count, your office or business’s space is not only the first client-facing point that your clients get but it also holds the key to building the right first impression when it comes to your business’s brand, credibility and culture, especially when hiring new talent.

Is your space welcoming? Does it have an air of professionalism? When people walk in do they think “this is the kind of space I’d love to work in?”

Creating this kind of atmosphere doesn’t have to break the bank, nor does it require all your time and attention. We’ve compiled our top tips to giving any space the look and feel it needs to represent your brand in the best possible light – no matter your size or budget.

Keep it natural
Not every space can offer streams of natural light or views overlooking beautiful parkland, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add elements to bring the outdoors to you. The first way to do this is through lighting. Quality lighting can make all the difference between a space feeling open, inviting, and larger than it is, or a cramped, repressive work environment. If your office space has a lot of windows, take advantage of them and invite those natural light elements in from the outdoors.

The second way to do this is through greenery, aka plants. Greenery in office spaces has been proven to increase productivity and concentration amongst staff. While we might not all have access to a garden or courtyard, by simply enhancing your office space with plants (or perhaps, faux plants for the brown thumbs), greenery or even a “living wall”, it can bring the needed touch of nature to where your business will benefit the most.

Form and function
When it comes to furniture, it’s absolutely true that you get what you pay for. No matter what other decoration and branding your office holds, cheap furniture will always bring the overall level of quality below what you deserve.

Apart from focussing on quality, opt for furniture that’s also functional. Bean bags might look cool in your entrance hall, but they’re impossible for guests to sit on while they wait. Stools at the desks may be trendy, but unless they offer the proper ergonomic support your staff needs, you’re going to have an uncomfortable and unproductive workforce.

Choose wisely and invest where it matters – your business will thank you for it.

Get the space you need
You might find a great deal on 150 sqm of space, but if you’re a team of five – your office is going to look sparse and understaffed. If you go for a space that barely fits your team in, you leave no room for growth, storage, and can potentially run into health and safety issues if there is an emergency.

Establish your goals as a business, plan ahead, and make sure your office works for you well into the future.

With these simple solutions tips, you can give your workers the office space they deserve and your clients a brand that they are proud to partner with.

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