Access to finance is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses in South Africa today. Globally, technology is transforming the lending industry and changing the way business owners access finance through the introduction of smarter and faster lending solutions.

The South African SME market is in need to be a part of this funding revolution.
And BUSINESS FUEL has stepped in to help.

Founded in 2017, BUSINESS FUEL assists the SME market across South Africa with affordable business loans of up to R3 million approved within 72 hours and with very little effort needed from you.

As a leading financial lender, we have provided finance to many businesses just like yours, in approval times rarely experienced from traditional lending companies.



72 Hour Payout

+50% Repeat Customers

We’re committed to changing the business funding experience in South Africa through an innovative approach to business finance. A unique product that combines the best elements from both traditional and alternative funding options into a fast, effective and affordable facility. A conventional loan for a modern age – powered with leading-edge tech.



A completely online and paperless application process. Apply for free in minutes with no obligation.

72 Hour Payout

Get funded in 72 Hours

By minimising the documents needed and accelerating the credit decision, we work fast to get you the funds you need when you need it.

We are here for you

We are here for you

Our team of experienced analysts are available to answer any questions.

Tired and trusted

Tried and trusted.

We’re South African built and owned.
Helping South African businesses just like yours.

We go the extra mile to understand your business’s financial needs and give you access to the funds that you need and when you need it, to push your business to the next level. Thanks to our simple process and fast business credit assessment, we’re able to do this within days while finding an affordable funding solution for your business.

Whether you’re a Retailer, Restaurant, Engineer, Cleaning Service, Child Care Service or Web Designer … your time is money, and we want to offer you support in the form of flexible finance that you can manage as your cashflow requirements change. That is why we avoid the unnecessary conditions and waiting period which puts your business's development on hold.

BUSINESS FUEL prides itself on being completely transparent. We assure you that other than our interest charge, there are NO hidden or add-on costs. Feel free to deposit and withdraw excess capital at no charge. And as your loan balance reduces, so will your interest. Compare us to other short-term lending companies, we expect that you will find our charges to be significantly cheaper while offering you a more flexible facility.